Inspire. Inform. Empower.

The Muslim Vibe is a grassroots media platform to inspire, inform & empower Muslim millennials to build a strong and united Muslim identity! We launched in 2015 and have since rapidly grown to become one of the leading voices for Western Muslims – creating and publishing unique content from writer all over the world, and getting over 5 million website hits!

In 2018, we decided to take it to the next level with the launch of TMV Store. TMV Store is an expression of Western Muslim culture – a synergy between core Muslim values whilst embracing our Western environment. We reflect this blend with the items sold in our store, with an aim to provide Western Muslims with apparel that they feel confident and proud of wearing.

Power to the people. Power to you.

Since our inception, we have always believed in empowering Western Muslim in every way possible – we’ve made The Muslim Vibe an accessible platform for everyone to express themselves. We wanted to do the same with our store too, giving Muslim artists the chance to design and sell their artwork.

If you would like to submit a design to the TMV Store, we can offer up to £50 per design we choose to use to sell. Furthermore, we’ll include your name and website should you wish to promote your work further!

We grow. You grow.

All money raised by TMV Store goes towards helping us pay for the growing costs of the project; including resources, equipment and staff. It is our belief, that with our growth we can give back to the Muslim community to help it grow stronger for the greater good.

Our aim is to become self-sustainable, and not have to rely on donations and sponsorship as this will help us retain independence and stay true to our principles and objectives.